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Individual subscriptions can only be used by you and must not be shared with anyone else. If you are teaching in a school, your school cannot claim to use our validated phonics programme unless you have a school membership.


Individual membership

£50 / Year

  • Coverage of phase 1
  • Coverage of phases 2-5
  • Daily and weekly phonics planning, both online and downloadable
  • Daily lesson presentations
  • Accompanying phonics resources
  • Resources and guidance for parents
  • Up to 40 staff user accounts
  • Guided reading resources
  • Phonics screening check resources
  • Assessments for phases 2-5
  • Handwriting and letter formation resources
  • 24 online phonics games that can be used either by children individually using their teacher's login (whilst in school), or as a whole class
  • On demand and bespoke training packages to help you teach phonics with confidence
  • Structured intervention programme
  • Decodable ebooks

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