Letter and Digraph Rhymes

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How do the letter and digraph rhymes work?

In order to help scaffold learning for children, we have devised a series of letter rhymes and digraph rhymes to help them remember the correct letter formation of phase 2 graphemes, and the phase 3 and 5 digraphs by relating the grapheme and phoneme to a familiar picture.  The whimsical images help children to remember the formation and appearance of each grapheme without overloading their working memory, creating as many multi-sensory links as possible. Instructions for using the letter rhymes are included in the relevant lessons, so you’ll know exactly how and when to use them. School members can download the various cards, mats and friezes from the relevant lesson folders or using the "Download Resources" button below.

Take a look at some of the example rhymes below.

Phase 2 letter rhymes

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 13.02.33

Phase 3 digraph + trigraph rhymes

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 13.01.04

Phase 5 digraph rhymes

Phase 5 mnemonic cards

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The games on here are brilliant! The children loved playing them this morning and it really engaged them in their phonics practice (without knowing them were!)


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Time for Phonics is my go-to for phonics games! I adore the interactive games, they get the children so excited for phonics lessons. The planning and resources are fantastic - they are made by teachers for teachers and they save me so much time. My absolute favourite phonics website!


EYFS Teacher
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My daughter loved playing the games! Not just because of the unicorns, I think the bright graphics are really appealing. I liked the fact that it was easy to filter by phase  and select groups of letters for her to practice. I had to promise to let her play again later.


EYFS teacher and parent
Free online phonics games for kids interactive phonics games EYFS KS1

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