Free online phonics games for kids interactive phonics games EYFS KS1

Your complete synthetic phonics programme

*We have been invited to reapply for the September validation date (this has been moved from June) and believe we satisfy all of the phonics validation criteria. Find out more here*

Time for Phonics is an award winning effective systematic synthetic phonics programme with a multi-sensory approach, that follows the progression of the DfE Letters & Sounds framework and provides all that is essential for children to become successful, committed and enthusiastic readers.  With easy to follow four-part daily lesson plans, lesson presentations, decodable texts, handwriting resources, on-demand phonics training, an intervention programme, accompanying resources and online phonics games that offer complete fidelity and structure across the programme, and follow the guidance of the latest Reading Framework.

Free online phonics games for kids interactive phonics games EYFS KS1

The latest Reading Framework


phonics scheme


Interactive phonics

Free online phonics games for kids interactive phonics games EYFS KS1

Evidence of Time for Phonics Effectiveness

Since it is now around a year since our first schools started using Time for Phonics to help children read fluently, we now have some compelling data to support the efficacy of TFP.

Shelley Lee, phonics lead at St James' Catholic Primary School, Lancashire.

Only 70% of last year's cohort  passed the phonics screening check. Those children are now in year 2 and since using Time for Phonics, all have passed the screening check. 

In the year 1 cohort, 88% of children passed, with the children that didn't pass having significant additional needs or only recently having joined the school.

That is an 18% uplift in just one year of using Time for Phonics! 

A child that joined my class in the spring term with little knowledge of phase 3 (in year 1), has been very engrossed in the multi-sensory approach to the scheme, and has passed the screening check with full marks! 

Free online phonics games for kids interactive phonics games EYFS KS1

Fidelity and Structure

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In consultation with experienced teachers and phonics leads, Time for Phonics is very closely aligned with the Letters and Sounds framework, using the same familiar language. Daily sessions follow a set routine of review, teach, practise and apply, with the core fundamental teaching elements remaining the same each day so as not to overload working memory, and to ensure fidelity and structure. 

Decodable Texts

decodable phonics texts

The phonics programme includes access to a  complete range of texts that are aligned with the order of teaching of phonics. Each book is fully decodable at every stage of the scheme, and they are composed entirely of words that are made up of grapheme-phoneme correspondences that children have learned up to that point. There are ebooks that can be viewed within each lesson, or downloaded, alongside a mini-book version of each ebook that can be printed and sent with children to read at home, or used in class.

Lesson Plans


Each week you will find five interactive and multi-sensory lessons with a hands-on approach, specifically designed to target every aspect of phonics and covering all the major grapheme-phoneme correspondences. Lessons follow the same structure by revisiting and reviewing previously learnt graphemes and skills, teaching a new sound or skill, and giving children the chance to practise and apply phonic knowledge. These instructional routines will become familiar and provide children with a sense of security in their learning.

Recently uploaded and coming soon

Programme manual

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We have now created a complete programme manual to guide you through the whole of the Time for Phonics phonics scheme, online phonics games, accompanying resources, decodable texts and more. The manual also contains our planned progression so you can see exactly what is taught, when.

Read and download the manual here.

On-demand phonics training

on demand phonics training

We are currently in the process of adding on-demand bite-sized phonics training to our programme, for school members only. The phonics training will initially include two modules:

  1. An introduction to phonics -COMPLETE
  2. Teaching with Time for Phonics - IN PROGRESS

Intervention programme

phonics intervention programme

We have created detailed, clear and planned sessions to support staff in delivering sessions to pupils who require additional support, either 1:1 or in a small group. These can be delivered by a teaching/support assistant, class teacher, or specialist phonics teacher.

Explore our phonics intervention programme here:

Be inspired by our phonics scheme

Daily easy to follow lessons specifically designed to target every aspect of phonics.


Online and
printable phonics plans

The lesson plans on Time for Phonics have been specifically designed to be simple, and “pick up and go”, without too much advance preparation. Sessions follow a set routine of review, teach, practise and apply, with the core fundamental teaching elements remaining the same each day, to ensure fidelity and structure. Lessons can either be accessed online via the website, or downloaded via a weekly plan. We regularly update the lessons in line with any new guidance from the DfE, or due to feedback from teachers.



Accompanying phonics resources

Each of the daily online lesson plans links to a Google drive folder that contains all the downloadable resources you need for the whole week. The resources and materials allow children to practise and apply the core phonics they have been taught, both through practical games and through texts and written materials matched to each phonics stage. Some of the resources can be re-used week after week, so there’s no need to print every single resource each time.


Guided reading

We have planned a structured programme of guided reading sessions that are designed to run on a weekly carousel with children taking part in five linked reading activities across the week. This can be delivered directly after the Time for Phonics lesson or at another convenient time within the day and should last no more than 30 minutes. The sessions link perfectly to the learning in each lesson and match children's phonics stage.

What our wonderful community says...

Miss Hetty

I used your Time For Phonics games Space Farm and a child in my class with ASD who usually engages in pretty much nothing, actually sat on the carpet and waited for his turn to have a go! 

Lauren | EYFS

Time for Phonics games are so engaging! The children light up when they see them on the screen. Our favourite is Dino Dinner!

Reception teacher
Rebecca The Irish Teacher

The games on here are amazing! The children loved playing them this morning and it really engaged them in their phonics practice (without knowing they were...).
Mrs D Teaching

Time for Phonics is my go to for phonics activities. The phonics lessons get the children so excited about learning and the planning and resources are fantastic. They are made by teachers for teachers and they save me so much time. My absolute favourite phonics website!

Reception teacher
Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 13.25.53

We were looking for a scheme that is easy to follow, interactive and full of exciting games and activities! I came across Time for Phonics after using Mrs Mactivity’s resources in class so we decided to trial Time for Phonics as a school and we immediately LOVED IT! We love it because the planning is all ready for our staff to pick up and use, the resources are inclusive, multi sensory and great to use whole class or with intervention groups!
We are now using it across all of EYFS, KS1 and some of our Lower KS2 classes! It’s amazing! ♥️

Phonics lead

Experience our interactive games

Use our online phonics games and help children practise a whole range of phonics skills from segmenting and blending, grapheme recognition, word recognition, and much more! Our interactive online phonics games are specifically designed to be used either by teachers in school,  or by children themselves independently, either at home or school.

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To keep things simple there is a single price per school and we do not auto-renew subscriptions.

Free online phonics games for kids interactive phonics games EYFS KS1

School Membership

£100 + VAT/ Year

  • Daily and weekly phonics planning, both online and downloadable
  • Decodable ebooks
  • Structured intervention programme
  • On demand and bespoke training packages to help you teach phonics with confidence
  • Accompanying phonics resources
  • 24 online phonics games that can be used either by children individually using their teacher's login (whilst in school), or as a whole class
  • Alternative phonics lesson presentations
  • Handwriting and letter formation resources
  • Assessments for phases 2-5
  • Phonics screening check resources
  • Guided reading resources
  • Resources and guidance for parents
  • Up to 40 staff user accounts
  • Fast and personal customer support
  • All aligned with the DfE Letters and Sounds framework
  • No ads

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TEYAwards2021 3Stars

Winners of a Teach Early Years Award

We are delighted to announce that Time for Phonics is a 3* winner in the Teach Early Years Awards 2021 in the Communication, Language and Literacy category! Congratulations to all the other finalists and winners!


DfE Phonics Validation

Time for Phonics will be applying for validation under the DfE's phonics validation programme in June 2022, after being invited to re-apply following our previous application. Download our free guide to the phonics validation programme here.

Free online phonics games for kids interactive phonics games EYFS KS1

About us

Time for Phonics is a sister site of and has been created by qualified teachers and designers who are experts in providing excellent learning opportunities for children. As a year 5/6 teacher, our founder Heather moved down to a year 1 class and really struggled to teach phonics having had no prior training. She decided she wanted to reach and help other teachers in a similar position - looking for easy to understand and deliver phonics lessons that help children make progress. So, Time for Phonics was born! Since then, Time for Phonics has developed into a complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme that covers the requirements of the DfE Letters & Sounds framework.


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